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Project Trapezoid Branding

Project Trapezoid was a branded internal initiative and communications plan set up to help a global company pivot product goals and get stakeholders engaged in the process. 

This project has been renamed to preserve privacy.



The team knew they needed a logo, but weren't quite sure where that logo would come from — or what it might look like. 

Extracting key elements from our brief and short interview with the team, we built two simple sets of design principles to guide visual exploration and anchor the intent of the project. 

These simple principles also helped launch a discussion around taglines, driving more consistent messages. 


Two Design Directions

Two Design Directions

Through a lively conference call (present, discuss, debate) and routing for stakeholder review, the team decided Direction B best suited the initiative goals. 

Next, we swiftly expanded Direction B into a starter kit of digital assets for internal launch.